Jedi school in Baar, Switzerland

DECEMBER 16th 2015, BAAR: The Star Wars fever catches on. Young and old, sword-fighters or kung fu students – everyone at the YunSong Academy in Baar is looking forward to the new movie. Already in the changing rooms the discussions revolve about the plot, characters and fighting scenes. Everyone wants to be a jedi. A good training to be one is offered to the children in Dae Ryeon Do Samurai. They are educated with discipline, respect and honor. Additionally to these factors they learn the special techniques of the martial arts, for example how to hold a sword correctly, how to stab, defend and attack.
After the kids successfully reached their next belt in the last week, the current one held something special in sight: their very own Star Wars Episode. The children traded their training swords in for the lightsaber and fought like the knights in the movie. Whether as a bad guy or as good guys, the children played along and gave inputs on cuts and sound effects. Their video can be seen on the Youtube channel.

Clich here for the video

Click here for video 2

However, even for those who prefer not to fight with a lightsaber the YunSong Academy offers trainings to strengthen the confidence, body tone and posture. And should a big grey bad guy ever show up – they will be ready.
The force is with them.