Art Camacho’s school for life



„The short fat kid, that never gave up“ that’s how the US martial artist and director Art Camacho described himself during his visit in Switzerland.

“That’s why I was bullied at school. But when I watched a Bruce Lee movie, I knew: I wanted to do that too.” So he got to know and love the martial arts. The short, fat kid turned into a tall, slender, purposeful man. Then he then dived into the film scene with stunts and set big goals. With his perseverance he was booked frequently and worked his way up to stunt coordinator, assistant director, director and producer. His advice to everyone: “live your dream, never give up – and no excuses!”

Stephan Krellmann, of the martial arts school GKMAF Krellmann in Baar, took this to heart. Already at the first meeting with the “little fatso” in the US seven years ago, he was impressed by his dedication and passion. So the joy was enormous when the finances were sufficient to bring Art Camacho to Switzerland.

Krellmann also started with his love for martial arts. And like Camacho, the film world entranced him. Since three years, Krellmann has been working on the movie: “The Missing Code”. Instead of recruiting actors, martial artists from all over the world were invited. The international contacts that Krellmann had built up with his team gladly agreed. And when Krellmann informed them of the imminent visit of Camacho, flights from Germany, Portugal, Holland and England were quickly booked to Switzerland – nobody would want to miss out on such an experience.

Three full, labor-intensive days followed. Experiencing Camacho in his element was inspiring. His instructions “Can you do this? Yes or no, no excuses” were clear. No empty talk, it was the actions that counted. Very refreshing. Thus, the actors, extras and the film crew got to know not only the film world, but also learned advice for daily life.

The martial arts made the “short, fat kid” into a successful and purposeful man. Nobody is too old for that. Participate in a trial training in Kung Fu or Samurai in Baar and you will understand.