The tasks of an association is to confirm the belt tests, to conduct seminars and to ensure the quality of the martial arts schools.

All students of the martial arts school “GKMAF Krellmann" are members of the “Global Korean Martial Arts Federation". This means that all students are approved for belt exams, tournaments and seminars. Association membership is therefore mandatory.

Stephan Krellmann and the “GKMAF Krellmann" school are also members of the “Martial Arts Association-International".

Our main association is the “Global Korean Martial Arts Federation". This association
is in turn affiliated to the “Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Association".

Mitglieder Schulen Europa

GKMAF Krellmann
Bachweid 3
6340 Baar

School director: Stephan Krellmann

GKMAF Krellmann
Bachweid 3
6340 Baar

School director: Stephan Krellmann

Free Dragon Fight-Systems

Viso Gym Bienne SA
Bözingenstrasse 92, 2502 Biel
076 246 03 26

School directorDragan Pavkovic

Rainstrasse 37
6314 Unterägeri
076 228 34 64

School directorAlberto Navarro Mojica

Toxic Fighting

Mobile: +44 (0)7510 271468

School directorCarl Cooper

Take advantage of our many years of experience, of our goal-setting energy, of our large worldwide membership network, you also benefit from the international recognition of our association and the many service advantages we offer you.


GKMAF Schweiz

All member of the martial arts school “GKMAF Krellmann" are also member of the club “GKMAF Schweiz"

The club’s main goal is to promote children and adolescents.

Beyond that, people of all ages can participate in these martial arts and self-defense trainings.

The club performs belt tests and confirms the acquired belt status.

In addition, the association pursues its objectives with the implementation and participation of camps, training weekends, special training courses and tournaments.

A good camaraderie shall be maintained among the members.