The new four elements of the martial arts

JUNE 18, 2016 – BAAR  Today they came, the four new elements in Jung Do Kung Fu. These are the instructors-to-be: Rafael Orler, Roger Schmid, Silvan Monteiro and Jannik Reidy. They came for the first time to the belt testing as instructors-to-be.

The belt testing as instructors of the Global Korean Martial Arts Federation in Baar means extra dedication and even more training. In the “normal” belt testing only techniques of the belt color are required. That means, a student demonstrates his skills in forms, techniques, weapons and sparring. An instructor-to-be has to prove his worth. Not only does he need to excel in the current belt color, but also the entire curriculum until then. Therefore, such a test takes more four hours. And that brings us back to the subject: four. Like the four elements.

FIRE is portrayed by Roger Schmid from Baar. As a passionate member of the Crescendos Big Band, he spurts fire when he meets his opponents. The punches and kicks appear from out of nowhere and destroy the intentions of his opponent. Even during exercises without a partner, such as forms or punches/kicks, you can feel Roger’s fire.

WATER is the element of Rafael Orler. Bruce Lee once said: “be like water”. Be like that, so that you can adapt to any circumstances. Rafael’s expertise. The instructor-to-be adapts to the movements of his partner and he channels this energy and converts it into his own. The fluid motions in his forms are evidence of high concentration and body tension.

AIR is symbolized by Silvan Monteiro. Like a butterfly flying through the air, her performs his favorite kick: the butterfly. This kick requires absolute body tension, so that the opponent’s attack is blocked and in a smooth rotary motion a kick is done. When Silvan attacks, you can feel the gentle breeze of air and the controlled contact.

EARTH belongs to the youngest of the four elements, Jannik Reidy. Like a tree the 14-year-old grew in height. But the growth spurts not stop him. He stands upright and greets opponents with his disarming smile. His stability is of enormous benefit, because if you do not stand firm on the ground, you can easily fall over.

And so the GKMAF in Baar is proud of the quartet of the four elements. This represents the continuation of the school, since these four will take over classes later. The strict regiment and the demanding tests of technical director, Stephan Krellmann are of benefit to everyone. This ensures a consistent quality, whether he or another instructs the class. Everyone is welcome to participate at the trainings in a non-binding and free trial training.