Getting Hollywood to Switzerland


Profit doubly with this crowdfunding project!

We’re getting Art Camacho, film director and martial artist, to Switzerland in October 2018. He will support us during the last filming days of our martial arts action movie.

Art Camacho is a well-known expert in the martial arts and movie scene. He managed his ascent with martial arts, then moved on to stuntman, camera man, director until he took the challenge of becoming a producer. He therefore knows what it takes in front of and behind the camera. He has done movies with Steven Seagal, Don Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton, Goldberg, Joe Lewis, und Michael De Pasquale Jr. When we met him during a seminar in the USA and showed him the first scenes of our movie, he was enthusiastic and wanted to be part of the project. However, in order to finance this, we need your support. And you can profit doubly!

For movie enthusiasts:
Have a look behind the scenes of a movie from a renowned Hollywood director – a unique opportunity in Switzerland! Join us on location. Better than any seminar, you will experience what it takes, the practice, the performance – everything behind making a movie. Or what about a combination: look behind the scenes AND show up in the movie as an extra. Sign up now to get this exclusive chance!

For martial artists:
Show us your stuff! Join us in an action scene in the movie for and from martial artists. Art Camacho will take over the fighting choreography, so that every punch and every kick looks professional and effective.

Film „The Missing Code“

It has been two years since we started filming this action movie in various countries. What makes it special: all actors/actresses are real martial artists. This combination gives the movie its authentic character. Without giving away too much, the movie is about two sides searching for the missing code. Intrigues, treason and double-games make the movie an exciting thriller.

GKMAF Krellmann

This is the name of our martial arts school ( We train in kungfu and samurai. For many years we have been building up and out our network in great martial artists – nationally and internationally. Only together are we strong. This network led us to the director, Art Camacho, who has given us his time and will be coming to Switzerland.

Join us! Please support his project and get your own role in this movie (as audience, extra or action star). Click here.