No costume – these warriors are for real!


One of their own, one of the Guggen-musicians, Roger Schmid from Baar, took his place on the stage. He congratulated Pirmin Andermatt, owner of the YunSong academy (that’s where Roger trains in Jung Do Kung Fu), for his enthronement at the carnival. With his carnival make-up, it did not look like a war-paint. But that’s what he announced. First Rafi from Baar. The lone fighter of the Kung Fu group showed a long staff form and won the hearts of the spectators. A battle cry led to the next scene. Two Samurais (Leni and Jannik) in full combat gear challenged each other and delivered an exciting fight with the bamboo sword. Blow on blow, dodge, parry, the stage exploded! Quite true to the motto of the GKMAF Krellmannschule in Baar – Let’s fetz (let’s thrill). Not only do the samurai fight in armor at the school. Nadia proved this as she attacked an experienced samurai (Mats) unprotected. Luck was on her side and she overcame her opponent. A strike on the head ended the other samurais’ fight. There can only be one! After a soothing conclusion from Roger, the war was over and the fighters joined the carnival guests to celebrate peacefully. Pirmin proudly thanked the group.