Martial arts training – especially for children. Currently the press is full of reports: Children need exercise in order to stay healthy. Physical activity not only promotes motoric skills, but also affects all areas of development. Unfortunately, the environment has changed dramatically in recent years. The increasing media consumption (television, computer games, etc.) makes the active time disappear. According to the HBSC study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), 15-year-olds living in Switzerland rank in the third to last position in the European ranking concerning physical activity. According to the SOPHYA study, only one-third of the 11 to 15-year-olds reported a minimum of sixty minutes of physical activity per day.

Some facts about the current situation in Switzerland:

  • 20% of children are overweight.
  • Every fifth child complains of occasional or chronic back pain.

A vicious circle begins, because coordinatively weak children are generally unsure and are afraid. This makes them less and less self-assure and thus they become even more inactive. Movement deficit is a major cause of overweight, postural weakness, osteoporosis (bone fading), and cardiovascular disorders that continue in the adult age. The impact on health costs will be serious.

What can we do to promote activity?

Our kung fu and samurai training offer a huge opportunity to counter the above-mentioned development! We also bear a bit of responsibility for the children entrusted to us. We challenge the children and let them know their limits! This combined with an active training can promote the health of the children.Sign up your child – the joy of training brings more physical activity and brings better health.

Kids Kung Fu

Starting with 7 years of age.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4 – 5 pm Beginner’s class
5:10 – 6:20 pm Kids, 7-14 years old Kids, 7-14 years old Kids, 7-14 years old Kids, 7-14 years old Kids, 7-14 years old

Kids Samurai

Starting with 10 years of age.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:10 – 6:20 pm Kids, 10-14 years old Kids, 10-14 years old