Be a member


  • Recognized belt: The school performs belt testing with the support and backing of a federation. It’s like a Swiss federal diploma; if the state does not reckognize and sign, it is not valid. The same applies for martial arts.
  • Events: GKMAF Schweiz annually organizes many events in which only members can participate (tournaments, seminars, etc.)
  • Summer camp: the annual summer camp is organized by the club. Members receive special benefits.
  • Budo-Pass: Each member receives a Budo-Pass. In it are are noted the passed exams, attended events and tournaments. The registered weapons of each member are also registered so there are no isses (e.g. at customs).


  1. Fill out the form using the link below and send it in.
  2. A bill will be sent for the sum of 65.- CHF. The sum includes the Budo-Passport and patch. In the following years CHF 40.- are due.
  3. The member receives a patch that can be sewed onto the uniform/dobok. Members are therefore a solid unity – a group feeling is strengthend.
  4. Annually the sum of CHF 40.- should be transferred to the account. When the member leaves the school, the membership is ended.

Click here for the registration form as PDF