Ancient Roman strategy for Swiss martial artists

Putzle Tang schicken
This weekend two important martial arts events were held simultaneously: the Munich Hall of Honours (Munich, Germany) and the Masters Hall of Honour and Fame (Basel, Switzerland). And so the martial artists of Tang Soo Do Switzerland applied the ancient and well-proven Roman strategy “divide and conquer”. This strategy suggests to divide the own forces and to attack the target from multiple directions.

Three teams came to the event in Germany: representatives of Dae Ryeon Do Samurai, SZD self-defense and Free Dragon-fight systems. Seminars were held in these disciplines, the participants were thrilled and hearts were won. In recognition for their achievements they were honored at the gala evening: Birgit Müller was honored as “International Instructor of the Year”. The two studio owners, Alberto Navarro Mojica (SZD) from Unterägeri and Dragan Pavkovic (Free Dragon) from Biel could win the trophies for their outstanding contribution to the martial arts. The awards were presented to them by the US actress and martial artist Cynthia Rothrock – what an honor! The first success was thus achieved on this front.

On the other front, in Basel, the situation was similar. Stephan Krellmann and his army of students from Jung Do Kung Fu and Dae Ryeon Do Samurai successfully captured the attention and fascination of the participants in Basel. With his seminar in these martial arts, Krellmann taught techniques and tactics that efficiently lead to victory. The parallel-running MHE Martial Arts Expo sold the latest equipment for practicing the acquired knowledge at home and gave birth to future swordsmen and women. That evening at the gala event at the Casino Basel the years of experience paid off: the technical director of the YunSong Academy, Stephan Krellmann, was honored with the “Instructor’s spirit” award. No one of the instructors that day impressed the participants so much with words and deeds.

So a weekend passed – the division of forces led to success in two countries. Thanks to you all!