Dae Ryeon Do Samurai

Fascination sword. It is said that among all Asian weapons the samurai sword is the most efficient. This is why Dae Ryeon Do Samurai (translated: the way to fighting with the Samurai sword) was developed. Here the student learns not only to handle a sword, but also to fight without a weapon. Then the Samurai is ready for any situation. This thought leads back to the times when the samurais were commonplace in Japan. We cultivate the virtues of the Samurai (respect, honesty and discipline).

Age limits

Recommended from 7 years of age.

Training plan

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
17.10 – 18.20 Children 7-14 years old   Children 7-14 years old    
18.30 – 20:30   Adults 14+ years old Adults 14+ years old Adults 14+ years old