Swiss martial arts excellence in the USA

OCTOBER 2015, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: The International Martial Arts Games took place from October 9th – 10th, in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA. Two schools of the Swiss Martial Arts Team qualified for the participation: the YunSong Academy from Baar (with the martial arts: Jung Do Kung Fu and Dae Ryeon Do Samurai) and the Free Dragon School (Fight system martial arts) from Biel.

Good preparation and enthusiasm led to the goal and the Swiss team was successful: eleven trophies in the categories weapon forms and semi-contact fight were taken back to Switzerland. A special highlight was the first Samurai sword-fighting competition. All belt grades from various countries and schools were called to join. These are fights with the bamboo sword and protective armor. Stephan Krellmann, founder of Dae Ryeon Do Samurai martial arts, was the judge and informed the group about the rules. The participants were enthu-siastic and everyone took the helmet off after the battle with a big smile. The Swiss delegation won the 1st prize for: adult color belts: Christian Wick, and women: Birgit Müller and 3rd places for Dragan Pavkovic in the category black belt and up and Roger Schmid for color belts. Thus, they were able to show that not only the Asians can innovate in martial arts, but also the Swiss. The premiere was so popular that everyone agreed to join up for the next international competition. Now all swordsmen can finally fight at competitions – combining cuts, kicks and punches – as do the other martial arts styles (Karate, Judo, Taekwondo).

Acquiring the trophies proved difficult even in the standard categories; the competition was rough without weapons as well. However, the Swiss showed their typical quality and abilities:  Roger Schmid, Myriam Schroeder and Christian Wick each took the 3rd place in the category sparring. The highlight of this day was the battle of the masters. Skill and technology were combined to create a very creative, quick and effective sparring experience. Stephan Krellmann and Dragan Pavkovic showed how a sparring competition is not only a fierce fight, but also fun. The two school instructors took the 1st and 2nd prizes.

At the gala evening of the Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, the Swiss delegation was honored again. Besides awards for the masters of the year, they also claimed the prize for the school of the year: the YunSong Academy in Baar.

The trophies and awards found room in the already full luggage; the memories and joys in the hearts of the Swiss Martial Arts Team.