Showdown of the swordsmen in Winterthur

KRK Turnier
Last weekend the big showdown took place, the Kuroiran-ryū Kenjutsu KRK Nationals in Winterthur. A small delegation from GKMAF Krellmann, Baar took the challenge and participated in the tournament.
Whereas many martial arts schools compete for members and are fierce competitors, the swordsmen proved that there is also comradeship among different schools. And they came in large quantities. The young wild ones from Dae Ryeon Do Samurai, Leni Stöckli and Jannik Reidy formed the vanguard. Together with Dragan Pavkovic of the Free Dragon school from Biel and their weapons instructor, Stephan Krellmann, they thrilled the watchers. The former instructor of Krellmann / Pavkovic, Alberto Navarro Mojica from Unterägeri also supported his fellow GKMAF friends.
The first discipline was the demonstration of forms/katas. And the two boys convinced with their sword guidance as if they were fighting against an invisible enemy. They won 2nd place (Jannik) and 3rd place (Leni). Even in the Shinai (bamboo sword) fight, they showed their opponents that they are serious competitors despite their young age (Leni: 2nd place, Jannik 4th place)
Already a proven martial artist, but relatively new to the samurai sword, Dragan Pavkovic surprised them all. Under the direction of Stephan Krellmann, his sparring partner and head of the two divisions: Jung Do Kung Fu and Dae Ryeon Do Samurai, Pavkovic benefited from his friend’s many years of experience in martial arts and teaching. And so he could get the 2nd place with the bamboo sword. The king’s discipline, the cutting of the mats with a precise angle, was the highlight of the tournament. And that of the martial artist from Biel as well. Following his master’s instructions (Krellmann), he astonished them all when he won first place.
Congratulations to all participants and instructors!

Here’s the video (click)